B.E. Trades of form 1987 / BPJEPS physical activity 2005
BF1 / BNSSA / PSE1 / BPJEPS Surf 2012
Stott Pilates mat & reformer instructor (level 1/2/3) 2007
Traditional Hatha Yoga teacher certified FFYT and EUY, 4 years Yoga64 school 2014
Yin Yoga 50h00 with Anaïs Varnier “Punky Yoga School” 2021
Vinyasa Yoga 200h00 with Caroline Béliard Zébroski “Mana Yoga Center” 2021-2022
Independent form and well-being (body massage, Thai massage N1 and plantar reflexology) from 2009 to 2016

Passionate about sport and well-being, I have always tried to live my life to the fullest, to give to others by sharing the best of myself.

My passions for Surfing, Hatha Yoga and Stott Pilates method have made me an accomplished woman. I try with love and kindness to covey this wonderful positive energy by bringing all these “tools” in the harmonious creation of specific and unique courses, and the image of my way of Life.

I invite you to come and discover and share them !!!

« By his effort, his vigilance, his discipline, and self-mastery, the intelligent man should create for himself an island that no flood can submerge. »

During my Moroccan childhood, from very early, I enjoyed a passion for surfing, horse riding, and classical, jazz and oriental dance. Taking care of my body became an obvious need !

Later, during my studies in Paris, I had the pleasure of discovering Hatha yoga and Ashthanga. But after many hesitations when I was admitted to follow the “gym teacher” course of the national education or the Irène Popard dance school, I chose to follow a private training with a State Certificate in order to become a teacher of Fitness and well-being. I then perfected myself in medicinal plants with the aim of returning to live in Morocco in order to run a famous Herbalist in Casablanca.

I have held this leadership position for over 10 wonderful years. At the same time as this work, I continued to teach fitness, stretching, while contributing to the creation of the 1st night of Gliding and the 1st World Body-Board Championship in Casablanca, then the 1st Moroccan surf-camp. in Oualidya, while developing my creativity in the Art of photography thanks to the magnificent landscapes of my country of heart, to its magical waves of the South which offered me memorable encounters (Nicolas Capdeville, Ross Clark Jones, Jeff Hakmann, Eric Chauché, the Quick Silver / Rip Curl / Billabong teams … from 1989 to 1997), and during numerous trips around the world.

Much later, I returned to the imperative need to improve myself in body care by specializing in the world of SPA, Thai massage formed by Yohann Guichard founder of acroyoga in France and foot Reflexology by Stéphane Lecoq from Reflexo Zen.

I found love on Reunion Island, we decided to live together in Moliets and Mâa in 2004, and with our passion for surfing, I decided to become a freelance surf instructor on the Landes south coast.

Little by little with my passions, bridges are created naturally between all these “life experiences”. I then discovered “Pilates” and passionately embarked on the Stott Pilates training before teaching this discipline for 7 long years, without ceasing to refine and perfect my practice over time, to offer the best of my abilities to my pupils, through playful courses.

Going further and further in the experimentation with my physical abilities sometimes led me to confront more and more the limits of my body during powerful and hardcore training like Marathon, Trail…

But the wisdom of Yoga was never far from my mind, and it gradually resumed its full place in my life and it gradually became a solid, healthy and enduring foundation in my daily life.

I then trained in Traditional Indian Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga until I graduated FFYT & EYU with Sarah Guérin Yoga64 (from the Institute of Traditional Yoga of Robert Cottet Toulouse and André Riehl from Aix-en-Provence ). In Yin Yoga with Anaïs Vanier from the Punky yoga school in Moliets, and Vinyassa Yoga with Caroline Béliard Zebrowski at the Mana Yoga center in Hossegor with Marion Lesage, Anne Moser, Cécile Leboullenger, Ana Pradasa Eau, Isabelle Croset, Lise Marie Noebes & Isabelle Mille.
During more than 4 years with more than 800 hours of training and a trip to India in Kerala and Sri Lanka, I completed my teaching with an apprenticeship in physiology, anatomy, energetics, Indian philosophy and study of the 8 limbs of Yoga and continuing to enrich my knowledge through in-depth Yoga courses in personal development (Caroline Beliard, Christophe Millet, Pradeep Yoga, Rose Cappagli, Mukhande Kaur, Mika de Brito, Anaïs Varnier, Assan Beyeck Riffoe …).

I began this teaching in 2014. This formidable Yoga that prepares for meditation, which improves concentration and management of emotions, which is interested in the body, mind and energy, true equilibrium and an ideal complement to reach great serenity and harmony in life, became my new source of joy and well-being, my new guide to transformation and spiritual evolution.

My life path allows me to be able to offer today a harmonious and complete practice encompassing the whole of the BEING.

My current professional practice is a magical reflection of the different facets of my past experiences and my personal journey. Pilates and Yoga are proving to be perfectly complementary to the practice of Surfing, as well as to other sports disciplines and become a way of life whose benefits I share with great happiness and passion.