To help you optimize, harmonize, and balance your body and mind, to improve your state of health and to make you simply happy, I offer surfing from April to October on the central beach of Messanges. Group lessons and private lessons available to all levels depending on the ocean conditions. Learn more ➞


Surf and yoga are very complementary and can be practiced before or after each session. Integrating yoga into surfing is a great way to better “connect” the body to its environment. Practicing in a natural environment is an incredible source to better feel the energy that goes through you. Learn more ➞


The Stott Pilates method, known for its professionalism and philosophy, is recommended for strengthening deep muscles, improving your posture, beautifying your body and releasing tensions by a progressive and smooth approach, respecting the basic principles such as breathing, control, centering, precision, fluidity, to work the whole body. Learn more ➞


Traditional Indian Hatha Yoga. This classic yoga uses all dimensions of life, whether environmental, physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. « The practice of Yoga is an instant of life in the present, where the body, breathing, and thoughts are tuned to the same temporal vibration. That is what we must try to grasp. » Learn more ➞


My passions for Surfing, Yoga and Stott Pilates method have made me an accomplished woman. I try with love and kindness to covey this wonderful positive energy by bringing all these “tools” in the harmonious creation of specific and unique courses, and the image of my way of Life. Learn more ➞